Sunday, September 30, 2012

Some Solutions

When you have stumbled on to a glitch in progress, in which direction do you run? In my previous post, I documented some concerns that I was having while knit stitching. Deciding to turn to the knitting community, Ravelry, there have been many people who have offered useful solutions and answers to my beginner's problems. The problem that I was facing when I was knitting was my yarn unraveling or loosening on several occasions:
  1. Inserting the needle into the stitch and snagging a ply
  2. Going into the stitch and pulling plies into the loop instead of the entire working yarn
  3. After creating the stitch onto the right needle
The solutions that were given by fellow knitters:
  1. Pushing the work far enough on the needle so that it does not fall off and attaching a clothespin to the end of the needle while allowing the work to dangle will allow for the yarn to twist itself back.
  2. Flipping the work in a different direction each time after completing each row
  3. Using a blunter needle or different size needle
  4. Using different brands of yarn
  5. Not gripping the yarn too tight
  6. Focus on putting the needle into the stitch and not the yarn
  7. More Practice
All of these answers were very insightful and helpful. The tips from the community reinforced the idea that knitting is a trial and error process and also requires patience and time.

[Keep moving forward. Stay Encouraged]

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