Sunday, September 23, 2012

Practice! Pratice! Practice!

Hello out there! This weekend I felt like I have been having a setback. I know I'm only a week into knitting but I don't think I have truly gotten the feel for it yet. My knit stitch is not as neat and distinct as I want it to be and I have not found my comfort zone. Of course, this only means one thing! Practice! Practice! Practice! This week I am going to work diligently on perfecting my knit stitch and I am going to begin my purl stitching. I THOUGHT I was ready to challenge myself and start a project but I have to do my housekeeping first. I definitely underestimated the time that I needed to set aside for this craft. So, now it's time to really get my hands dirty. I will keep you all updated on every moment and I hope the next few posts will look a little BRIGHTER for my knitastic adventure.

Oh, and by the way, I love the knitting community! They are very welcoming and encouraging. Their experiences will definitely help me when I get into a rut like this.

[Staying Encouraged! You all do the same.]


  1. Persevere! You're doing great! Expect your stitches to be somewhat uneven at first. Eventually you'll find a rhythm and they'll get prettier. Washing your knitting will also help some to even out small differences.

    I really think the "rhythm" part is key--if you concentrate less on even stitches and more on a comfortable rhythmic knitting action, the stitches will even out by themselves.

  2. Thank you! Wow, I truly appreciate these tips. I have been more focused on evening out the stitches rather than rhythm. This new approach may be the defining difference. Very insightful!