Tuesday, September 18, 2012

In Response!

Hello Everyone! I stumbled upon a knitting blog, Knitting to Stay Sane authored by Glenna, the crazy knitting lady, who is a very decorated lieutenant in the knitting world. The post that I read Embarking on knitting adventures gave encouraging tips for knitting beginners. Glenna starts off with a snippet of what she has been into lately and transitions into the blog itself. She touches on the fact that she receives plenty of comments from knitters who are just starting, like myself. The five tips that she gives is to not be overwhelmed by how many projects there are to try, embrace the frustrations that come along with learning, explore new ideas and projects, sometimes take on a knitting project that may be out of your league, and be as free and creative as you want to be with your projects.

Although it is almost a year old, I found it to be relevant in my case and situation as a knitting beginner. She introduces these basic hints and I would have to say that they are great optimistic views that can help any beginner. It is really a weight on a beginner's shoulders looking at blogs and they are way more advanced than you ever think you can achieve. But Glenna gives hope that with these characteristics on your belt you can go as far and wide as you want! For my beginners, Glenna says it best in these couple of sentences:
       "If it brings you pleasure to knit it, then knit it. Everyone else can do as they please."
[Stay encouraged! We're all on the same page]

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