Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Greetings Everyone! I will be your tour guide and host for this blog, so I would like to welcome you all to Sknitten Mittens! Don't be afraid it will be a lot easier to follow than it is to say. I will be blogging about my experiences on the knitting scene. I have never picked up a pair of knitting needles in my life but I am ready to start. I decided to go with the knitting blog because I have always had an interest in it that I never explored. Why not document my every move and help other beginners along the way? This blog became my perfect opportunity and here begins my journey! As a first-timer, I will start from the ground up with the more simpler projects and every week after tackle the more challenging projects and patterns. There will be loads of pictures to update you all on what I am working on and many posts that will document my woes and successes. I am extremely excited and I hope you enjoy reading as much I will enjoy the knitting. Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!

[Don't Be Timid, Welcome to Sknitten Mittens]

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