Monday, October 1, 2012

Knitting Solace

Hello there! On another one of my random internet searches, I came across an interesting subjective view of the art of knitting. In the article, the author, Kat Welsh, states that knitting provides an escape from worries. The reason for this ease is described by the ability for the knitter to concentrate on the task at hand and alter the yarn to create a piece of cloth that is useful and meaningful in its own right. As Welsh implies, knitting is a metaphorical example for the way people are to approach life and can be used as a process of healing. Ultimately, the article points out that knitting provide an overall positive solace conducive to transforming one's outlook on happiness, expression and discovering "self-actualization." 

I wholeheartedly endorse Welsh's reference to knitting as a release. One of the first things that I heard about knitting was the relaxing nature of the craft and I can attest to this fact. Even as a new knitter, once I pick up those aqua blue needles, my only focus becomes the working of my hands to produce my knit stitches (so far). A sense of calm envelopes my atmosphere, and once the rhythm is picked up, my mind drifts to other thoughts. At that moment, my previous angst over anything is practically nonexistent and I can peacefully think of solutions. Knitting truly places me in a more positive mood than I was in before.

Although I agree with Welsh that knitting provides a "lasting effect", I do not think that knitting is the only hobby that can have such effect. Whatever allows someone to have peace can create that lasting impression. So, for my readers, I challenge you to spend some time doing what gives you relief from life's problems and see the change in your demeanor.  

[Keep knitting. Think Positive. Stay Encouraged]


  1. I took your challenge. I actually did a couple of my favorite things. I went for a run which was fine but didn't give me the release I needed from being at the DMV yesterday.
    I had class at 6:20 so I decided to ride my bike to class, plus squeeze in an extra ten miles to see if my attitude improved. It didn't, all I could think about for 3 hours was how much I wanted to get home and tie flies.
    I rode my bike home at 9:15. Which lets just say there are few things more exciting than riding at night, except maybe rush-hour traffic. I think I'm kind of sick?
    I got home, and after showering and eating, I sat down at my desk and came up with a few ideas and executed them. I'll be posting my variants in the next couple days.
    Thanks for the challenge. I needed it.

    1. This really made me smile, not at your lack of success (lol), but at your attempts and willingness to try the challenge. You seem to have had an intense week but I am glad you managed to achieve the ideas that you created. I look forward to hearing about them. Thanks again for trying my challenge and sharing the outcome with me.