Tuesday, November 27, 2012


As you can imagine my life is a neverending whirlwind of events. Sorry for the long hiatus everyone but I did not come empty handed, I have great news. Drum roll please. I have completed my first project! Although it has been a prolonged project, I am very pleased with the outcome.

I actually finished my beginner's reversible scarf a week ago but I had a little problem binding off. Using Knitting Help's video of binding off in pattern, I was able to close my stitches but towards the end I could not properly secure the bind off. I am still working on stopping the yarn from unloosing.

The problem with my binding off, I think, stems from how much yarn I had left to work with. I decided to use my entire skein of yarn, which was Red Heart Shaded Dusk Ombré worsted weight that measured 244 yards. I did not understand what the gauge was or how I should use it in my projects but it allows a knitter to determine the correct measurement for the project. Using a gauge would have probably helped.

After I initially binded off, I washed my scarf to make it less stiff and it is able to stretch. When I started knitting, a fellow knitter informed me that washing a project will even out the stitches. It is actually ready to use and I am waiting for the perfect time to wear it.

[Accomplished Knitter]


  1. Congratulation! I'm impressed. It looks good. You do nice work. Now the real question,,, will you do it again?

  2. Thank you! I appreciate it. And that is the million dollar question. Stay tuned to find out. lol.

  3. You've really kept up with learning how to knit and you did a great job! Your scarf looks beautiful, all the hard work really paid off.

    1. Thank you so much!I really enjoyed the process! =]