Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Macho Knitters?

Can you imagine a 6-foot-tall, tattoo clad, bald truck driver walking up to you with knitting needles in hand and a blanket. Would you run or just stand there in amazement? Believe it or not, in Walcott, Iowa, truck drivers are taking up not only knitting but quilting as well. This idle pastime that they have adapted makes me look at knitting and men, who are seen as the rough guys on the road, in a whole new light.

The article, Idle Pastime: In Off Hours, Truckers Pick Up Stitching, written by Jennifer Levitz, brings the lives of three truck drivers who began knitting to pass the time in between their deliveries. As the amount of hauls for truck drivers declined the time between their deliveries ranged from just a few hours to a few days. With all the downtime that they had, these truckers found a craft that would constructively help fill the time.

An ex-Air Force mechanic, Dave White started quilting and actually loves it so much that it consumes his thoughts. White even creatively names his pieces; one of his pieces is called "Meet Me In Paris". Kevin Abraham-Banks knits to during the stalls between his deliveries and seems to be an accomplished knitter having completed a scarf, socks and a sweater. A grandfather and husband, Thomas McConnaughy, picked up quilting from his wife and has placed a sewing machine in his sleeper cabin. The excitement with which these men have found in the crafts is amazing and I commend them for it. Not all truckers feel the same way as these men but the fact that it is even possible shows progression.

I wanted to share this information because I know for some people it is hard to believe that male knitters exist and I am also fascinated with the subject myself. These gentlemen, who are married and have families, has found an unlikely hobby for their occupation and sex, in general. I can only imagine the amount of time they spend away from home and they have found something that makes them relax while on the road. The most surprising detail from this article is that an Iowa-based trucking corporation started a club for sewers and allows truckers to present their work.

[Making Headway In Knitting]


  1. I used to knit for about a month, just to say I tried it. I just don't have the patience really but I really don't see anything wrong with guys being crafty and making something themselves. I think it's especially understandable for guys like truckers who end up with a lot of inevitable free time.

    1. I give you a whole lot of credit for just trying it. And I don't think there is nothing wrong with men who like to be crafty, but we are caught up the roles that men and women respectively have to play. That in itselfy is another story. And it does make sense. It will be time well-spent.